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BIP EvoCore® EC-T Biopsy Needles

with optimized trocar edge

including guide cannula for secure loading of the needle.

BIP EvoCore® EC-T Biopsy Needles

Trocar tip:
The optimized trocar tip (BIP-Wing-Tip-Trocar) facilitates penetration into the tissue and greatly increases target precision, while maintaining the same tissue specimen quality. The best results are achieved using the semi-automatic mode.

New biopsy needle
The introducer of the EvoCore® biopsy needle makes it easier to load and ensures a firm hold in the EvoCore® biopsy device.

A unique needle protector prevents possible contamination between the device and the biopsy cannula. The latter can no longer come into contact with the housing.

Patented needle protection
Sterile loading of the needle – protective tube remains on the needle.

No danger of injury when loading the needle
Optimized needle guidance --> better protection from blood entering the device.

3D rotation loop of the cannulas – for optimal biopsy quality.

Product numbers

Product no. Diameter
Color code Packaging unit (pcs.]
EC12100T 12G (2,76mm) 100,00mm 19,00mm 10
EC12130T 12G (2,76mm) 130,00mm 19,00mm 10
EC12160T 12G (2,76mm) 160,00mm 19,00mm 10
EC12200T 12G (2,76mm) 200,00mm 19,00mm 10
EC14100T 14G (2,10mm) 100,00mm 19,00mm 10
EC14130T 14G (2,10mm) 130,00mm 19,00mm 10
EC14160T 14G (2,10mm) 160,00mm 19,00mm 10
EC14200T 14G (2,10mm) 200,00mm 19,00mm 10
EC16100T 16G (1,65mm) 100,00mm 19,00mm 10
EC16130T 16G (1,65mm) 130,00mm 19,00mm 10
EC16160T 16G (1,65mm) 160,00mm 19,00mm 10
EC16200T 16G (1,65mm) 200,00mm 19,00mm 10
EC16250T 16G (1,65mm) 250,00mm 19,00mm 10
EC18100T 18G (1,25mm) 100,00mm 19,00mm 10
EC18130T 18G (1,25mm) 130,00mm 19,00mm 10