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BIP EvoCore® EC2215

Reusable biopsy device for histological tissue sampling.

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This fourth-generation biopsy device for histological tissue sampling is the result of the latest technological developments from the BIP Development Center – Made in Germany.

EvoCore® biopsy device
Order number: EC2215

  • Single-handed use
    The easy cocking of the lever enables a completely single-handed use of the device. A lock position allows the opening of the tissue window and thus tissue retrieval without the need of removing the needle from the device. The other hand can, for instance, remain free to manipulate an ultrasound transducer.
  • Selection of fully or semi-automatic mode
    The BIP-EvoCore EC2215 is the first and, to date, only reusable biopsy device with which you can select fully or semi-automatic operation. For a fully-automatic biopsy, the stylet first shoots forward (15 or 22 mm, depending on the set penetration depth), the outer cannula then follows the stylet approximately 30 ms later and captures the sample core. The semi-automatic biopsy procedure can also be advantageous.
    First, by pressing on the front trigger, only the stylet shoots forth. Via ultrasound, the position of the tissue collection notch can then be precisely determined and documented or readjusted. Furthermore, some pressure can be applied to the sample collection notch from the grip. This causes more tissue to be actively pressed into the collection notch. The second shot, triggered by pressing the \”rear\” trigger button, cuts off the core biopsy specimen and closes the sample collection notch.
    Experiments have shown that, depending on the tissue type, up to 20% more tissue material can be retrieved using the semi-automatic mode.
  • Tissue retrieval without forward throw – for tissue retrieval from body regions difficult to biopsy, such as the lymph nodes, with blood vessels running behind them. Using the semi-automatic biopsy mode, tissue can be captured WITHOUT the need of firing the inner needle. Only the second cutting action of the intersecting cannula is triggered. This offers considerably more safety.
  • Innovative lid clip
    Accidental opening during the biopsy procedure is prevented by a firmly-locking lid clip. With the push of a button, the lid opens automatically.
  • Automatic safety
    The integrated safety bar ensures maximum safety and eliminates the need to manually unlock the device.
  • New biopsy needle
    The introducer of the EvoCore® biopsy needle makes it easier to load and ensures a firm hold in the EvoCore® biopsy device.
  • Hygiene / Safety
    A unique needle protector prevents possible contamination between the device and the biopsy cannula. The latter can no longer come into contact with the housing.
  • Patented needle protection
    Sterile loading of the needle – protective tube remains on the needle.
    No danger of injury when loading the needle
  • Optimized needle guidance –> better protection from blood entering the device.
  • Optimized sound insulation, thus very quiet.
  • Convenient cocking, easier to manipulate.
  • Optimal sterilization of the biopsy device through the use of new, more durable materials.
  • Adjustable penetration depth (15/22 mm)
    Normally, the preset penetration depth of 22 mm is preferred, because it enables the most tissue to be collected. The penetration depth of the EvoCore® biopsy device can also be reduced to 15 mm in order to protect the area behind the lesion, e.g. large blood vessels, thorax wall, etc.
  • A status window shows the current state of the device (cocked, uncocked, emptying).
  • High speed
    The powerful spring-loaded system allows rapid needle movement. This results in excellent sample core results.
    Even small and difficult lesions can be precisely punctured.
  • High spring preload in the fired state
    This ensures that the cutting cannula has enough power to cleanly close off the tissue sample notch at the end of the biopsy procedure and completely cut off the tissue.
  • 3D rotation loop of the cannulas – for optimal biopsy quality.
  • Trocar tip (for BIP EvoCore® EC-T)
    The optimized trocar tip (BIP-Win-Tip-Trocar) facilitates penetration of the tissue and considerably increases target precision while preserving biopsy quality. Excellent results are achieved using the semi-automatic mode.

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Technical data:
Material: stainless steel / plastic
Device length: 115 mm
Weight: approx. 219 g

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