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BIP HistoCore® TX

Disposable biopsy system with optimized trocar edge (BIP-Wing-Tip-Trocar) and pre-installed coaxial cannula

Sterile biopsy device for histological soft tissue removal (automatic and semiautomatic)

BIP HistoCore® TX

Coaxial cannula (one-step technology):
The coaxial cannula is pre-installed in the model BIP-HistoCore® HC-X.
The coaxial cannula and biopsy needle are positioned at the biopsy site simultaneously (in one step). There is no need for a separate positioning of the coaxial cannula.

Trocar tip:
The optimized trocar tip (BIP-Wing-Tip-Trocar) facilitates penetration into the tissue and greatly increases target precision, while maintaining the same tissue specimen quality. The best results are achieved using the semi-automatic mode.

Better tissue results:
The powerful energy-saving, spring-loaded system enables optimal biopsy results, such as those previously only possible with reusable devices. In addition, the option to perform a semi-automatic biopsy considerably increases tissue yield for a few applications. In difficult biopsy situations, the semi-automatic delay function allows for tissue sampling without forward penetration of the needle, increasing patient safety (e.g. for lymph node biopsy). Due to the adjustable penetration depth (18 or 25 mm), the BIP-HistoCore® biopsy device can be optimally adjusted to its area of application.

Fewer side effects:
The shorter needle tip markedly reduces trauma to the tissue behind the biopsy area. Due to very low manufacturing tolerances in device production, we have been able to considerably shorten the area between the sample collection notch and the beginning of the needle tip bevel.

Safe use:
The status of the device (cocked, partially cocked or uncocked) is shown in the status window. Protectors next to the trigger guard against accidental triggering. The BIP-HistoCore® HC biopsy device can be fully operated with just one hand.
A variety of needle sizes covers all areas of soft tissue biopsy.

The devices are color-coded according to diameter.

Technical specifications:
Material: stainless steel/plastic
Device length: 123 mm
Weight: approx. 45 g

Patents pending

Product numbers

Product no. Diameter /
length /
Color code Packaging unit (pcs.]
HC12100TX 12G (2,76mm) 100,00mm 19,00mm 11G (3,06mm) 5
HC12130TX 12G (2,76mm) 130,00mm 19,00mm 11G (3,06mm) 5
HC12160TX 12G (2,76mm) 160,00mm 19,00mm 11G (3,06mm) 5
HC12200TX 12G (2,76mm) 200,00mm 19,00mm 11G (3,06mm) 5
HC14100TX 14G (2,10mm) 100,00mm 19,00mm 13G (2,47mm) 5
HC14130TX 14G (2,10mm) 130,00mm 19,00mm 13G (2,47mm) 5
HC14160TX 14G (2,10mm) 160,00mm 19,00mm 13G (2,47mm) 5
HC14200TX 14G (2,10mm) 200,00mm 19,00mm 13G (2,47mm) 5
HC16100TX 16G (1,65mm) 100,00mm 19,00mm 14G (2,10mm) 5
HC16130TX 16G (1,65mm) 130,00mm 19,00mm 14G (2,10mm) 5
HC16160TX 16G (1,65mm) 160,00mm 19,00mm 14G (2,10mm) 5
HC16200TX 16G (1,65mm) 200,00mm 19,00mm 14G (2,10mm) 5
HC18100TX 18G (1,25mm) 100,00mm 19,00mm 16G (1,65mm) 5
HC18130TX 18G (1,25mm) 130,00mm 19,00mm 16G (1,65mm) 5
HC18160TX 18G (1,25mm) 160,00mm 19,00mm 16G (1,65mm) 5
HC18200TX 18G (1,25mm) 200,00mm 19,00mm 16G (1,65mm) 5
HC18250TX 18G (1,25mm) 250,00mm 19,00mm 16G (1,65mm) 5