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BIP O-Twist-Marker

for breast tissue marking - ultrasonically visible and firmly anchored

BIP O-Twist-Marker

Applicable for all diagnostic procedures –
mammography, ultrasound, MRT, and computer tomography.
The twisted, ring-shaped clip element enables favorable
reflection and visibility using ultrasound.

Can be used in combination with all conventional
biopsy systems. Can also be used following vacuum
and punch biopsy procedures.

The applicator of the O-Twist-Marker consists of a
sharp cannula (diameter: 18 G/1.25 mm). This makes it
suitable for direct application of the marker (ring) in the breast
(e.g. to mark lesions before neoadjuvant chemotherapy).

Anchors securely in tissue.
The design of the O-Twist-Marker minimizes dislocation.

Ergonomic grip.

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Product numbers

O-Twist-Marker with straight cannula tip Product no. length
Packaging unit (pcs.]
OTM3.0SA077 77,00mm 18G (1,25mm) 5
OTM3.0SA107 107,00mm 18G (1,25mm) 5
OTM3.0SA157 157,00mm 18G (1,25mm) 5
O-Twist-Marker with curved cannula tip Product no. length
Packaging unit (pcs.]
OTM3.0RA157 157,00mm 18G (1,25mm) 5

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