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BIP coaxial cannula HCC

for HistoCore® HC

Supports the diagnostic removal of soft tissue samples during histological examinations of anomalies.

BIP coaxial cannula HCC

The BIP coaxial cannula HCC serves as a guide cannula for performing several biopsies on the same organ with minimal trauma. It consists of two parts, an outer cannula with a plastic grip and an inner mandrin with an extremely sharp, symmetrical trocar tip. The BIP coaxial cannula HCC is especially designed for use with the BIP-HistoCore® System and offers the following advantages:

• Minimal trauma.
• Quick recovery of a lesion.
• Minimized risk of cell displacement.
• Easy penetration of dense tissue via a special edge.

Erklärung Länge A und Länge B

Product numbers

Product no. Diameter
length A
length B
Passend zu Packaging unit (pcs.]
HCC12100 11G (3,06mm) 63,00mm 57,50mm HC12100 5
HCC12130 11G (3,06mm) 93,00mm 87,50mm HC12130 5
HCC12160 11G (3,06mm) 123,00mm 117,50mm HC12160 5
HCC12200 11G (3,06mm) 163,00mm 157,50mm HC12200 5
HCC14100 13G (2,47mm) 62,00mm 57,50mm HC14100 5
HCC14130 13G (2,47mm) 92,00mm 87,50mm HC14130 5
HCC14160 13G (2,47mm) 122,00mm 117,50mm HC14160 5
HCC14200 13G (2,47mm) 162,00mm 157,50mm HC14200 5
HCC14250 13G (2,47mm) 212,00mm 207,50mm HC14250 5
HCC16100 14G (2,10mm) 61,50mm 57,50mm HC16100 5
HCC16130 14G (2,10mm) 91,50mm 87,50mm HC16130 5
HCC16160 14G (2,10mm) 121,50mm 117,50mm HC16160 5
HCC16200 14G (2,10mm) 161,50mm 157,50mm HC16200 5
HCC16250 14G (2,10mm) 211,50mm 207,50mm HC16250 5
HCC18100 16G (1,65mm) 61,00mm 57,50mm HC18100 5
HCC18130 16G (1,65mm) 91,00mm 87,50mm HC18130 5
HCC18160 16G (1,65mm) 121,00mm 117,50mm HC18160 5
HCC18200 16G (1,65mm) 161,00mm 157,50mm HC18200 5
HCC18250 16G (1,65mm) 211,00mm 207,50mm HC18250 5
HCC20100 18G (1,25mm) 60,50mm 57,50mm HC20100 5
HCC20130 18G (1,25mm) 90,50mm 87,50mm HC20130 5
HCC20160 18G (1,25mm) 120,50mm 117,50mm HC20160 5
HCC20200 18G (1,25mm) 160,50mm 157,50mm HC20200 5
HCC20250 18G (1,25mm) 210,50mm 207,50mm HC20250 5