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BIP-EvoCore® ECC

Coaxial Cannula

Supports diagnostic retrieval of soft tissue samples for the histological examination of anomalies.

BIP-EvoCore® ECC

The BIP EvoCore® ECC coaxial cannula serves as a guide cannula for multiple biopsies in the same organ with minimal trauma. It consists of two parts, an outer cannula with a plastic grip and an inner stylet with an extremely sharp, symmetrical trocar tip. The BIP coaxial cannula HCC is especially designed for use with the BIP-HistoCore® System, and offers the following advantages:

• Minimal trauma.
• Quick relocation of a lesion.
• Minimal risk of cell displacement.
• Easy penetration of dense tissue due to the special edge.

Erklärung Länge A und Länge B

Product numbers

Product no. Diameter
length A
length B
Passend zu Packaging unit (pcs.]
ECC12100 11G (3,06mm) 64,50mm 59,00mm EC12100 10
ECC12130 11G (3,06mm) 94,50mm 89,00mm EC12130 10
ECC12160 11G (3,06mm) 124,00mm 119,00mm EC12160 10
ECC14100 13G (2,47mm) 63,50mm 59,00mm EC14100 10
ECC14130 13G (2,47mm) 93,50mm 89,00mm EC14130 10
ECC14160 13G (2,47mm) 123,50mm 119,00mm EC14160 10
ECC14200 13G (2,47mm) 163,50mm 159,00mm EC14200 10
ECC16100 14G (2,10mm) 63,00mm 59,00mm EC16100 10
ECC16130 14G (2,10mm) 93,00mm 89,00mm EC16130 10
ECC16160 14G (2,10mm) 123,00mm 119,00mm EC16160 10
ECC18100 16G (1,65mm) 62,50mm 59,00mm EC18100 10
ECC18130 16G (1,65mm) 92,50mm 89,00mm EC18130 10
ECC20100 18G (1,25mm) 62,00mm 59,00mm EC20100 10
ECC20130 18G (1,25mm) 92,00mm 89,00mm EC20130 10
ECC20160 18G (1,25mm) 122,00mm 119,00mm EC20160 10
ECC20200 18G (1,25mm) 162,00mm 159,00mm EC20200 10